Online Alpha – starting 17th September 2020

Have you ever asked yourself about the meaning of life? What’s it all about? Is there more to life than this?

Is your life a bit like a pre-digital, fuzzy, black and white tv? Would you like to turn it into a big, high-definition, flat-screen colour one?

Have you ever been told that God loves you, just as you are; even if you don’t love him?

Alpha is a free 10-week online course that St Luke’s Thurnby is running. It begins on Thursday 17th September 2020, and gives you the chance to think about the Big Questions of Life, hear what the Bible has to say, and ask your questions. We’ll be running an evening session at 7:30pm and are hoping to run a daytime session at 10am (beginning the following week).

You won’t be asked to read aloud or do anything your not comfortable with and you’d be welcome to try out the first week to see how you get on.

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