It’s the end of another term for Snug and we’ve enjoyed exploring Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount. For our final session, we looked at Matthew 6:19 to 7:29, using the “Swedish Method” to see what the passage meant to us. Using three colours, we highlighted things that stood out to us, things that we had questions about and things that we could see applying to us. It’s a great way to discuss the words of Jesus in a relevant, accessible way.

We particularly liked Matthew 6:25 when Jesus tells us that we do not have to worry. For many of us, college, school or work can feel pressured. To know that our every need is important to Jesus can help us not to worry.

Of course, no session is complete without a good game so a few rounds of Jungle Speed and two very short games of Jenga gave us time to relax with each other. Even though it’s been about 25 degrees plus outside, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows is still the favourite.