Yesterday we saw three amazing baptisms at St Luke’s.
Over the next week, we’ll be sharing photos and testimonies.

Here’s Ken. He’s 84yrs old and was very keen to be fully immersed in the baptism pool, even though he has a bad back, Ken shared:-
“There was one thing that convinced me that God was real. There was one time when my back was getting worse and worse. The first day was pretty bad, when I went to bed I couldn’t sleep on the bed, I was standing all night. The next day it got progressively worse and I couldn’t sit or lay down.
The third night came and it was just about as bad as it could get and I just said “Heavenly Father, please help me in the name of Jesus”.
All of a sudden, all my pains, my shoulders, my legs, my back everywhere, all my pains instantly went. From that moment on, there was no doubt for me.”