Parents & Grandparents were beaming with pride last Sunday Morning as their children were dressed as Angels, Shepherds, and Wise Men at our Nativity Service. Our church was full of happy faces of all ages as we watched the children re-telling the birth of Jesus. Even some of the adults couldn’t resist dressing up and taking part, and it was a joy to watch all ages come together. The children sang a beautiful song called “We have a Saviour” and then our Youth Pastor Ben passionately reminded us of all the evidence in the Old Testament that foretold Jesus’ birth.

Ben told us that although we focus on the journeys of Mary and Joseph, the Wise Men and the Shepherds, the journey is really much bigger than this. God had planned for Jesus to come from the beginning of creation and had left us hundreds of clues in the Bible about what He would look like. The journey continues to this day as the church tells the world about what Jesus has done for us and how we can accept Him as our Saviour.

The congregation were given dice to take home to remind them that the chances of an ordinary man fulfilling all the prophecies in the Bible was so small that it simply couldn’t have happened. It’s like rolling a six every second for hundreds of millions of years. Only a God who had planned it all and written the prophecies himself could have completed them all.

That God is the same God who died on the cross for everything we have done wrong. The Nativity should not only be a reminder of how a special baby was born, but also a certain sign that God is with us and has come so that we may have eternal life with Him.