The Prayer and Praise evenings we’ve been having recently have been quite a revelation – meeting just once a month as the whole of the Cornerstone Team has had such a profound and moving effect on people, according to what folks are saying. It all started off when we were faced with needing a new Team Rector, at the same time as being considered for becoming a Resourcing Church; it was recognised that prayer is the first and foremost thing we Christians must do. Open to everyone and anyone, we’ve been meeting and praying sometimes at St Luke’s, sometimes at St Catharine’s, with different groups organising the evenings each time, and so have been exposed to differing ways of going about prayer.

Last night we met at St Luke’s and gathered beneath the Tower in the choir stalls, lit only by candles and the evening sun, worshipping with just our voices and an acoustic guitar. We considered our God in his three persons of the Trinity, singing worship songs and thinking about God as Father, then as Son and as Holy Spirit. We were encouraged to pray out loud or remain silent, to pray in small groups or singly, and ended praying together, with The Grace.

As has been customary, we ended our evening with coffee and cakes and fellowship for those who wanted to linger. It is so good to meet together, separate churches yet one team, under one Lord.

– Maggie Turnbull