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Spring at Connect

This term we’re bringing back some exciting team games and finishing most evenings with a challenge! We’ve seen some competitive games of dodgeball, attempts to pass fruit with your elbows and some card games against the clock. Each week there is a different selection of games with Mario Kart Wii, UNO, Bananagrams, table tennis and badminton among our favourites. You’re welcome to challenge a leader, play with some friends or just spend time relaxing after a long week.

We’re also bringing along our whiteboard to every session this term with a new question each week to answer. These “Big Questions” look at some of the fundamental questions of life and challenge us to think about why we believe what we believe. We’ll be chatting about how we can bring together the world of science and the personal faith Jesus gives us, as well as chatting about how a loving God can allow suffering in the world.

Connect continues to run every Friday night in term-time. We’re here from 7.30pm to 9pm in the Thurnby Memorial Hall. Follow us on Instagram for updates about what we’re up to (@connect_stlukes). It costs just £2 per person to go towards the hire of the hall and is open to all young people in school years 7 to 13. We have plenty of delicious snacks and drinks in our tuck shop including creme eggs in the run-up to Easter. We would love to see you!


About the Author:

Ben Horrex is our full-time Youth Minister. Alongside a team of volunteers, he runs groups for our young people between the ages of 11-18 as well as one-off events during the year. Ben grew up in Suffolk, studied at Nottingham University, worked at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham (FIEC) and led teams for the Street Pastors organisation. Prior to working with us, Ben has worked for theatres, the BBC, an ambulance service and did things that make bizarre icebreaker facts. In his spare time, Ben reads at least one book each week, writes resources for youth workers and laughs more than is normal!