Yesterday St Luke’s Church went online for it’s first ever livestream service.

The week before had seen an unprecidented announcement from the Government that would now restrict the church congregation from being present in the church building at any time during the week, including Sundays, due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Following this announcement, some very busy church members and staff were working very hard in the background to make live streaming a reality for Sunday 22nd March.

Amazingly, the technology all came together on the day, after lots of prayer and testing. The morning service was live streamed to everyone’s lounges at home, where the church congregation and friends/family could share in the morning service online.

We are extremely grateful to everyone’s hard work who pulled all of this together at very short notice, and we are looking forward to sharing many more services online in the weeks ahead while these restrictions are in place.

You can watch the recorded livestream service here.