Sam Childers, the converted Outlaw Biker and subject of the Hollywood film “The Machine Gun Preacher”, starring Gerard Butler, brought his own unique brand of evangelism to our church back May of this year.

Sam has spent the last twenty years rescuing children from war-torn areas of Southern Sudan, Northern Uganda and Ethiopia (many of them former child soldiers) and providing them with food, education and trade and skills training. His efforts were recognised in 2013 when he was one of the international recipients of the Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice.

His often dangerous missions in Africa have sometimes necessitated the carrying and use of firearms, hence the movie’s title, which has given birth to his widely used nickname.

A capacity audience heard Sam talk not only about his work in Africa, but also about how his life had been revolutionised following his discovery of Jesus and decision to follow Him. The Machine Gun Preacher concluded the evening by inviting those who wished to commit themselves to receiving Jesus as their Saviour to stand and follow him in a simple prayer, an invitation that was taken up by a large number of those in attendance. Vicar Jon Barrett said afterwards, “It was great to see so many newcomers who don’t normally attend church here tonight, and thrilling to see how many responded to Sam’s invitation”. As Sam, who came to faith after a life that had been blighted by drug addictions and crime said at the end of his talk, “If Jesus can do all this for me, just imagine what he could do with you….”

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