To celebrate Thy Kingdom Come in St Luke’s School, the Godly Play Room was transformed into a prayer room. Over 3 days all of the children in the school had the opportunity to visit the room.

There were 6 prayer activities to take part in, praying for our world, praying to be able to forgive, praying for what we are thankful for, saying ‘please’ prayers, praying for our worries to be taken away and praying for help to be a light to others.

The children used playdough, bubbles, candles, effervescent tablets, water beads and glow sticks to help them. They were able to move around the room at their own pace and enjoyed time to be quiet and peaceful in a busy world.

A child from Year 3 made a playdough model of the world. When asked why they had chosen to make that they said “Because God gave me life and I want to be grateful to him for giving me life”. Another child made a model of God and said “This is God, he has long hair. I am grateful to him for making the world”.

Each child got to take home a glow stick and card to help them to remember to be a light to others just as it tells us to be in the bible.