Tolkien and Lewis. Two giants of English Literature. Almost everyone has had contact with their stories at some point in their lives – whether through written word, quoted phrase or more recently larger-than-life films. But arguably, few know that much about them – like, for example, the fact that they were both at Oxford during the same period, were part of the same literary circle called ‘The Inklings’, were firm friends and were both men of faith.

But what sort of friends were they? What sort of thing might they chat about? Mull over? Did they share the same views on faith? What did they think of each other’s writings? Did they even like each other’s books?

Tolkien, a professor of medieval linguistics and history, meticulously built layer upon layer of intricate language and genealogy way before even one page was written about Hobbits or Middle Earth. As a lover of literature, however, Lewis built a fantasy world for his Chronicles of Narnia – the Christian message being far more obvious than that of Tolkien’s stories.