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Youth Bible Overview

In our two discipleship groups this month we’ve been looking at a Bible Overview, from creation to the fall and from the promise of Jesus to His victory as described in Revelation.

We’ve had a lively discussion in both groups about the roles of men and women in God’s plans, how the New Testament sees the story of Adam and Eve as well as how science and the Bible can fuse together.

One of the highlights of the first session was constructing a LEGO dinosaur as we talked about how the complex nature of our world leads us to ask who designed it.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll see Jesus step into the picture as we jump from the story of Joseph in Genesis to the family tree of Jesus in the book of Matthew. Our final week will be a study of Revelation, looking to the future and what effect Jesus has on our final judgement. We’ll see that the certain hope we have is based on God’s grace, not our own works.

We’d love to see you join us at one of our groups. Pathfinders (Year 7 to 10) meet during the 10.45am service each week while Snug (Year 11 to 13) meet before the 6.30pm service, sharing dinner together in one of our leaders’ homes. Feel free to send me an email (ben@thurnbychurch.com) or give me a call (07704 165454) if you want to ask any questions!


About the Author:

Ben Horrex is our full-time Youth Minister. Alongside a team of volunteers, he runs groups for our young people between the ages of 11-18 as well as one-off events during the year. Ben grew up in Suffolk, studied at Nottingham University, worked at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham (FIEC) and led teams for the Street Pastors organisation. Prior to working with us, Ben has worked for theatres, the BBC, an ambulance service and did things that make bizarre icebreaker facts. In his spare time, Ben reads at least one book each week, writes resources for youth workers and laughs more than is normal!