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Cafe Fifty Five Logo

Cafe Fifty Five Logo

A place of Welcome
           and Community,
    of Help and
         Hope for all.

If you would like discuss making a donation in another way then please contact Ant Lount, St Luke's Church Operations Director on or by calling 07910843931.


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The Vision

Ten years ago, St Luke's Church had the vision to create a community hub, cafe, and kitchen. This space would provide warmth and hospitality for those from the village and beyond, a place of welcome and community, of help and hope for all.


Fast forward to early 2023, after a long journey, and the lease on the old unused sports pavilion in Manor Park being handed over to St Luke's, the first stones were laid on what was to become Café Fifty Five.


The Café

Almost a year later, in March 2024, Café Fifty Five will open its doors to welcome the community inside. We will offer hospitality, delicious coffee, nourishing food, and a place to feel at home.

The Community

Alongside the café and kitchen, we will also provide space for community services, events, support networks, charity and health workers, and therapy. Our chief aim is to serve, and to bring help and hope to our community in everything we do.

The Name

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the name is taken from Isaiah 55, in the Bible;

"Come, all you are thirsty."



Lots of people have been asking questions about the Café: when it will open, what it will offer, who can be involved etc.

You can find answers to some of those questions below.

Want to know more? Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

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When will Café Fifty Five Open?

Depending on the timing of the building work, we are aiming to be open in March 2024.