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Prayer and fasting for Café Fifty Five

Can we ask you to commit Tuesday 23rd January to being a day of prayer and fasting for Café Fifty Five. 


In Psalm 127 we are reminded that “unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.” How this has been the experience with Café Fifty Five. You can find our more about Café Fifty Five's story by heading to


We have so much to give thanks to God – the list is joyfully long and we continue to depend on the Lord for every part of Café Fifty Five coming to life at the end of February and the beginning of March.

We are asking those who are part of St Luke’s to set aside Tuesday 23rd January to prayer and fasting.

This can be woven into your normal Tuesday routine but there will also be three twenty-minute Zoom calls which you can join to pray with others. These will be at 7:30am | 12:30pm | 7:30pm. You can click the link at any of those times to join in.


Zoom Details

Meeting ID: 919 1118 7781

Passcode: 9gUcCv$R

If you’d like to know a bit more about the place of fasting in the life of the Christian with some practical ideas to help you – click here.

Things to praise the Lord for…

Vision: Café Fifty Five to be a place of welcome and community, of help and hope for all.

Provision: God’s incredible financial generosity.

The Steering Group: their hard work, patience, and perseverance over many years.

Appointments: Lizzie as our Schools and Community Outreach Minister and Josh as café manager alongside a deputy manager and a kitchen manager.

-  Connections: the positive relationship with the builders and other contractors, the excitement of different local organisation and charities who might partner with Café Fifty Five.

Things to pray to the Lord for…

- Team: wisdom for selecting staff who are on board with the vision, and the right number of staff to make the cafe run smoothly from the start.

- Unity: for the directors, the interiors team, the staff, and the community when it comes to the cafe's mission.

- Practicalities: it feels like an endless list of things to get sorted before opening. Pray these would get done in good time and without delay.

- Community: the café would meet needs, be a heart for people to gather, and be impactful and valuable to the community and for volunteers to be stepping forward to help with the different community activities.

Provision: for just the right amount of funding to finish the build and bring Café Fifty Five to life.

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