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Who We Are

Our Foundations

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Proclaiming Jesus and

planting churches

We are committed to life together as disciples of Jesus, as we hold on to our four priorities of belonging, growing, multiplying, and serving. As people made in God’s image, everyone is welcome. At St Luke’s, we believe everyone has the right to hear Jesus’ invitation and be given the opportunity to respond and live in repentance and faith.

The St Luke's PCC has adopted the Church of England Evangelical Council's basis of faith including its additional declarations.

We are part of the Cornerstone Team and are a Church of England church in The Diocese of Leicester.

Our Foundations


Living as the family of Jesus 


Becoming more like Jesus 


Living out the love of Jesus

Our Priorities
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Meet The tEAM

Meet The Team

Rob Miles (Team Rector).jpg

Rob Miles

Cornerstone Team Rector

Tom Devas (Associate Rector).jpg

Tom Devas

Associate Rector for St Luke's

Ant Lount (Safeguarding Officer & Tech Coordinator).jpg

Ant Lount

Operations Director & Safeguarding Officer

Lizzie Berry (Schools & Community Outreach Minister).jpg

Lizzie Berry

Schools & Community Outreach Minister

Steve Sweet (Church Planting Curate).jpg

Steve Sweet

Church Planting Curate

Matthew Creber-Davies (Netherhall Pioneer Curate).jpg

Matthew Creber-Davies

Netherhall Pioneer Curate

Lydia Goodman (Youth Work Coordinator).jpg

Lydia Goodman

Youth Work Coordinator

Emily Devas (Children Work Coordinator).jpg

Emily Devas

Children and Families Work Coordinator

Rachel Amoah-Nyako.jpg

Rachel Amoah-Nyako

Communications Administrator

Fiona Morgan - Parish Safeguarding Officer.jpg

Fiona Morgan

Safeguarding Officer

Dick Koelling (Church Warden).jpg

Dick Koelling

Church Warden

Julie Tregoning (Church Warden).jpg

Julie Tregoning

Church Warden

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