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Saturday 27th - Tuesday 30th July 2024

About Cornerstone Camp....

Hungarton Camp is a 3 night, 4 day camp run by St Luke’s Church and the Cornerstone Team. It takes place at Topstones Campsite near Tilton on the Hill. St.Luke's have ran summer youth camps for over 20 years which have been the source of many great memories, the start of lasting friendships and a place where young people have been able to explore their faith. 

Accommodation is in camping pods and tents. The campers are arranged in age groups in single sex tents with leaders close at hand but in separate tents from young people. There are proper toilet and shower facilities. If your child wants to come but cannot stay over please do get in touch as we do not want them to miss out!


There is loads of space on the field for games of football and volleyball plus two large assault courses, a stage, woodland and a park set. There is a chalet area with a fully equipped kitchen and dining area (food is always great and plentiful)! There is a sports hall for all sorts of games, go karts, bikes, roller-skates, grass sledges, bouldering and so much more! Apart from all of the activities already mentioned we have night walks, a campfire, and a day trip to do some fun activities! Alongside all of this fun we have sessions each day to look at the bible and ask questions about Jesus and christianity using drama, crafts, games and lots of other fun things!

The leaders at the camp are very experienced and all are DBS checked. Many are parents themselves and we have a good ratio of leaders to campers. All the leaders are busy preparing this year and are really excited about it.

Lydia Goodman (Youth Work Coordinator).jpg

Lydia Goodman - Youth Work Coordinator and Camp Leader

If you have any questions about camp or want to find out a little more then get in touch with Lydia Goodman our Youth Work Coordinator and Camp Leader or 07854773632

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