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Easter Baptisms

Updated: May 6, 2022

On Easter Sunday evening we had the joy of baptising three people. Each of them had a remarkable story of how God had been at work in their lives leading them to faith in Jesus and to live lives empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit.

These are three stories of God's love and forgiveness and of God leading and providing each with an encouragement for us to hear.

God works in the lives of those brought up in Christian families where faith in Jesus is lived out and passed on and where prayers are answered.

What might seem like a small thing to do such as gifting someone a Bible to read can be used by God in big ways.

To take the opportunity to find out more or invite others to find out more with you and explore who Jesus is, what Jesus came, and what it means to live life following him. If you want to find out more or invite someone to find out more with you, our next Christianity Explored course begins on Monday 9th May and you can find out more at

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