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Four Ideas for Advent

Advent ideas spelt out in scrabble letters on a Christmas themed background.

We are approaching the beginning of Advent - a time in the Christian calendar to help Christian remember that Jesus will one day return. It is a reminder that followers of Jesus live in in-between days, between the humble coming of Jesus to seek and save the lost and his glorious public return when every knee will bow before him.

Here are four ideas for Advent to help you watch and wait for Jesus.

1. Read Luke's Gospel

24 chapters of Jesus life in 24 days.

2. Daily Advent Devotions

There are some brilliant advent devotionals you can order to guide you through Advent:

3. Nativity Scene

If you've got younger ones in your household why not invest in an advent calendar with characters to add to a nativity scene each day or an advent activity book.

4. Reverse Advent Calendar

A pictures of the reverse advent calendar from Leicester South Foodbank.

Give something back this Advent by following the Reverse Advent Calendar from Leicester South Foodbank. Collect an item each day for the food bank and you can drop your donations off each Sunday in the Food Bank collection point in the porch of the church building. Download your Reverse Advent Calendar below.

Download PDF • 758KB

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