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Giving to St Luke's

Have you reviewed your giving yet for 2023 or begun giving to St Luke's Church yet?

Last month, we wrote to each member of the church family to ask everyone to think prayerfully about planned financial giving to St Luke’s (if for any reason you didn’t receive one of the letters, apologies, and you can download a copy of the letter here.)

We make no apology for talking about money here in church from time to time (well aware that sometimes Christians get a bit uncomfortable about this)—but we do this for two reasons: one , because what we do with our cash is one (of many) ways in which we live out our response to Jesus and his kingdom… and, two, because for some/many of us, it’s the area of our lives we find hardest to bring under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

We are also very conscious that people give to support the ministry and mission of St Luke’s in lots of different ways—including financially, but also by generous with your time, and with your skills. We are grateful for so much at St Luke’s!

We are aware that the challenge of a ‘Giving Sunday’ is personal and private—between you and the Lord—and each of our responses need to reflect our own circumstances, and ability to give.

The most generous person is not necessarily the one who gives the most… Jesus had a great deal to say about material resources and wealth—and whatever we have, we need to prayerfully consider how we use what he has given to us.

At the same time, as a church, we depend chiefly upon the generosity of our members to enable our ministry; it is the generous giving of the church family which pays for our diocesan contribution (including the provision of clergy); and which enables us to employ people like Lizzie, and Rob F (and in due course, his successor), and Lydia, to their roles in within the church; as well as all the ongoing costs involved with our building, insurance, and other less interesting (but important!) things. And, in the midst of the current financial climate, it is quite challenging, which is why we are praying for “23 in 23”—an increase of £23,000 to enable us to do all that we have prayerfully planned to do.

A huge thank you to all those of you who have already responded by completing a Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) form (which you can download below), or updating it online by clicking here. If you haven’t done this—please could we ask you to prayerfully consider what your gift to St Luke’s might be for the coming year, and use the forms to respond. All giving is kept confidential, with only a small number of people having the details, for admin purposes.

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