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Heroes and Villains Holiday Club 2022

Wow what a week! 87 amazing children, 25 amazing leaders and 6 amazing young leaders took part in Holiday Club in the first week of the Easter Holidays.

The club was centred around a daily drama in a TV programme called Heroes and Villains where the hero and villain of the day were introduced to the children through videos and interviews. The children played the part of the TV studio audience deciding who was the hero and who was the villain each day by voting using their paddles. They had the power to decide who gets pied!

We spent time learning about trusting God and waiting patiently for Him, being strong leaders and doing the right thing, saying sorry when we do things wrong and how the best love of all comes from God through Jesus.

The children created superhero masks, made Easter gardens, met real life heroes when the Firefighters came to visit and became real life heroes when the learnt how they could save someone’s life using CPR. They also bounced on the giant inflatable obstacle course, played games and took part in races.

A huge thank you to Ali for a brilliant teaching programme and to the whole team, young and older, for their dedication to the children throughout the week.

Enjoy scrolling through the photos above to see some of the highlights of the week!

Lizzie Berry

Children’s and Families Minister

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