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I Am Mark

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

The story of Jesus as you've never heard it before.

On Friday 31st March, 7:30pm in the Thurnby Memorial Hall we are hosting a dynamic new staging of Mark's Gospel performed by actor Stephan Smart.

It is a word-for-word solo performance of the story of Jesus as it was originally told brought startlingly to life with all it's urgency and power, challenge and comfort.

This Easter we would love to invite you to come whatever you do or don't believe, whether you've read the Bible many times, a little bit, or never opened one.

Tickets are £8 and include refreshments on the night and a beautifully illustrated magazine style copy of Mark's account of Jesus life. After the performance there will be an optional Q & A session with Stephan for anyone who would be interested.

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