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Introducing Megan

At the start of October Megan joined the team at St Luke’s Church as our Discipleship Year Student. It’s been brilliant to have Megan join the team and do take the opportunities to get to know Megan a bit better over the coming weeks and months but here is Meganintroducing a bit more about herself and her Discipleship Year:

Hi! I'm Megan Carr, aged 23. I have been a member of St Luke’s Church since May 2020 and was confirmed in February 2022. You can read my Testimony on the church website here:

My faith reignited during lockdown as I further explored Christianity and the more I learnt, the more I wanted to continue learning. I previously worked full-time at the University of Leicester Medical School as a Programme Administrator but was called to devote this year fully to serving in the life of the church.

I have recently started a New Wine Discipleship Year where I will be learning a wide variety of roles through placement time at St Luke’s Church. In addition I will be attending weekly planned teaching sessions through my Leicester Hub, Holy Trinity Church, and living in community with other students at the Community of the Tree of Life ran by the Diocese of Leicester.

I am most looking forward to learning different ways to naturally serve the church community, deepening my relationship with God and aiming to be a real encouragement to others.

I would really value your prayers based on our 3 community values: Rooted, Flourishing, Fruitful. Rooted in my relationship with God. Flourishing through humbly serving the church and church community. Fruitful by bringing people closer to God and being a disciple making disciple.

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