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Knighton to Ukraine

Earlier this year through the compassion and generosity of the St Luke’s Church community we were able to send £2875 to the Disaster Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

The DEC have been providing emergency aid and support to families in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, supplying essential items such as food, water, shelter, and medical support. You can find out more about how the Donations to DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal are reach people impacted by the war in Ukraine here.

The PCC at St Luke’s have some set aside money for emergency appeals and so were able to match fund the £2875 to support the Knighton to Ukraine project set up and run by our friends at Knigh

On Sunday evening we welcomed Chris Trafford to share about this project. We heard how a team had gone out in April 2022 to help at the border between Ukraine and Romania near Galati. Others took £2,000 worth of food supplies in a van into Ukraine to support a refugee centre that had been set up by three local churches. The rest of the time was spent with a Roman Church practically serving a church in Romania that had set up a Refugee centre – helping clean, sort donations, build storage, and play games with children.

Since then, regular financial gifts are being sent to Emmanuel Church and refugee centre in Galati so they can fill a van full of food to transport into Ukraine. Other money is sent to the Great Change Refugee Centre in Ukraine to support the work they are doing hosting 188 refugees.

To find out more about what has been happening through the Knighton to Ukraine project and to fuel your prayers you can read their updates below:

Knighton to Ukraine Project Summary at 22nd April 2022 C
Download PDF • 1.39MB

Knighton to Ukraine Project update 23 June 22
Download PDF • 1.05MB

You can also follow the project on Facebook and you can continue to support the project financially here.

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